When it comes to designing exterior spaces, take it one step at a time. Here we are compiling a list of inexpensive ideas to maximize your landscape. If you’re thinking about where to begin a landscape transformation, look no further than your front yard. This is the initial point that you see driving up to your house. Identify that curb appeal is significant, and no matter how ample your view is, it needs to be functional.

1. Accommodate for useful features
First, think about what is best suited to your family:

➢ Vegetable garden
➢ Hanging herbs
➢ Fruit trees

In case of limited space, use pots and rectangular boxes for herbs. Think about what you normally cook, and use your restricted space to focus on producing these edibles. On the other hand, consider a vegetable garden to plant seasonal vegetables and fruits.

2. Pick out your entertainment zones
This is a key part, so think about the aspects you would most enjoy. For all-in-one indoor-outdoor flow, a deck is a fabulous option for the backyard. With entertainment in mind, you can also customize the area with:

➢ Built-in barbecues
➢ Fire pits
➢ Sunken outdoor seating
➢ High top bar leaners
➢ Putting courses

If you love to cook for friends and family, an outdoor kitchen is another great idea.

3. Add resting hotspot points
Your outdoor area can provide you and your family cool space to relax in. You can invest in:

➢ A spa pool
➢ Swimming pool
➢ Small bamboo-enclosed Zen garden with chairs
➢ A breakfast nook that catches the morning sun
➢ A wooden bench in a corner to read a book

For privacy, you can use an arbor, trellis, living wall, or delicately placed trees as a screen.

4. Make it kid-friendly
In case you have kids, try to create child-friendly spaces where they can expend their energy and have fun at home; add features like:

➢ Jungle gym/playground
➢ Sandbox
➢ Miniature house
➢ Climbing wall
➢ Trampoline area

5. Draw beautiful themes
If your home features a specific style or color, you can incorporate this through to your outdoor areas for perpetual flow. So if a yellow shade used throughout your home, use:

➢ Oversized plant holders
➢ Sculptures
➢ Ornaments in a similar shade

If you styled your interior with French furniture, at the front door, try planting:

➢ Lavender
➢ Rose bushes

Design a pathway using a cut plant and stone paving.

These factors will add to your interior theme and stand out as outdoor focal points.


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