Open houses are a long-standing tradition in the sale of domestic real estate to show more people to a home for sale. Open houses are usually held on weekends to capture more traffic since most people are off from work. Here are a few tips to follow in order to have an amazing open house.

Having an Amazing Open House

1. Go in with a Plan

Like most investments, an open house is an event that takes a great amount of coordination. When organizing your open house, sit down with your real estate agent and set what you want to achieve with your open house. Once you have those goals set, you will know how to continue.

2. Needed Repairs

The first thing you need to do when fixing to show your house, whether it is an open house or not, is to fix anything that is torn. If a brick has broken off the side of your house, fix it, if your roof is in disrepair, get it fixed, or if your fencing is falling over, align it. The better the position of your home, the faster it will sell.

3. Declutter

Clutter is the worst opponent of a good open house. Before you open your doors to the public or even start cleaning, decluttering your home should be a top preference. If there is clutter in your home, it will be difficult for prospective buyers to visualize it as their own. It doesn’t matter where you put your extra stuff, it just needs to be out of the house. It is recommended to take out half of your belongings. This will free up a lot of areas and make your home feel more open.

4. Depersonalize

Another thing that will encourage prospective buyers to feel at home in your home is to depersonalize it. This involves taking out any personal pictures, artwork and unique effects. The goal here is to make your home as unbiased as possible. Depersonalizing can even mean repainting the walls in a more neutral color. The more neutral it is, the more people can visualize their things in your home.

5. Scent and Smell

The way a home smells can alter a person’s whole experience at an open house. Most people don’t walk into a house that stinks like a fish market and neglects to want to buy the home. You want to make your home have a neutral smell.

6. Curb Appeal

The saying goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ and the same goes for houses. However, the more beautiful your home looks on the outside, the more likely people will step in the door. Make sure that the trees and bushes are cut, the paint is touched up, and there is no clutter in the yard.

7. Clean

Cleansing is by far the most time-consuming part of planning for an open house. You want your home to be as clean as possible; no one wants another person’s disordered mess. So, vacuum the floors, wash the windows, and clean the patio, and you will be one step closer to selling your home.

This is just a basic list of things to do to prepare for an open house. Follow these instructions and tips and you’re on your way to having an amazing open house.


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