Bird Rock is my hood and there is so much to love. I’ll show you why it’s one of the best neighborhoods in all of San Diego. Want to call the perfect beach town neighborhood your home? Then call me today at (858) 361-2547!

Full Transcript:

Hi friends, Cory here with Cory Sells San Diego. And I want to ask you a real simple question and I want you to really think about this. If you could buy a home in San Diego County, where would it be? I’m going to share with you the amazing qualities Bird Rock has to offer right here in La Jolla, California. Bird Rock is a small community between La Jolla and Pacific Beach and is one of the most sought after places to live in San Diego. Why is that? Well, because of the school systems, the amazing views, the restaurants, the parks, the coffee shops; there’s tons of reasons why. But for me, I love Bird Rock because it’s accessible to absolutely everything. You could ride your bike to PB, you can get on the freeways – there’s so much to do – fantastic parks, be with the family, and it’s very family friendly and safe. If you’re looking for family members to have a great time and to have the right type of memories, Bird Rock is your place to be. So if you’re looking to create the American Dream and feel Bird Rock is for you, well, give me a call today to schedule showings. The market is hot folks, and there’s no better time than right now. ( Give me a ring. I’m ready for you)


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