No doubt, buying a home is expected to be the biggest purchase of your life. From the outside, the home-buying method is a minefield of red tape, legal ties, and a cataract of money leaving your pocket. It can all be an unusual scarce. All the same, a home purchase is a major part of the American Dream.

Here are 5 things to first consider when you are ready to buy a home:

1. Be ready to settle
It is very essential to ask yourself – am I really willing to settle down, and stay in one place for a good, long time? If yes, then go for a new home.

2. Have consistent income
If you don’t have consistent income history, you won’t be able to secure a monthly mortgage amount. Honestly, you seemingly wouldn’t even be permitted for a mortgage. So the time has not yet come for you to buy a home.

3. Your credit score should be good
Your credit score is another significant part of your financial condition when it comes to buying a home. A credit score is a mechanism used by lenders to help define whether you qualify for a distinct credit card, loan, mortgage, or service. People with a higher score are often viewed as a lower risk, which suggests lenders are more likely to give them credit. Get intimate with your credit score if you think you’re ready to buy.

4. Have 20% of a down-payment
The buyers should have at least 20% of a home’s price. This is known as a down-payment, and of course, this is not the only money that a person requires during the purchase process. If you are ready to make a deal, you will need to have a meaningful volume of money saved.

5. Ask yourself what style of home is right for you
If all the requirements of finances and credit are in sequence, ask yourself what style of house is right for you. Here’s where you need to think short- and long-term.

  • If you are alone, get an apartment in the city as a single millennial buyer
  • If you are with a spouse or family (or will be soon), think about a single-family home in the suburbs.
  • Make sure you look at the larger picture before choosing the home that’s best for you.


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