Hi, my name is Cory Segall with Cory Sells San Diego and I want to talk about the feelings that I have about real estate. I just closed on a property on one of my clients over in Santee and the feelings that I have with that are amazing.

This was her first home and she was extremely excited about purchasing this home. We went through the entire process. It was extremely smooth and now I have a relationship with her that’s going to last forever and that’s the type of relationship that I like to have with all of my clients. I want it to be an everlasting relationship that can build for the future because I absolutely care about each and every one of my clients. I like to keep up with them. I like to reach out to them and she was, for example, was so excited.

She was talking to me about her pink colors and what she was going to do at the home and to me that’s extremely gratifying because we went through the entire process. We talked about every little detail about what she wanted to do even before we started looking, and now that it’s closed and she finally found the home of her dreams. I just love seeing how excited she is and I want to do that for you and all of my clients, so please reach out to me at eight, five, eight, three, six, one, two, five, four slash seven. Let’s make this journey a reality and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Real Estate Blog Opportunity for Affiliates

Hello affiliates! I have been using this real estate blog and video collection to educate prospective clients and grow my business. I would like to invite you to join me and do the same. Please contact me to discuss the opportunities to promote your product or brands through my network. You can book an appointment with me online or contact me directly with any questions. I am interested in experienced professionals (mortgage, title, escrow, insurance, home remodeling, staging, renovations) with great content to share and a positive work ethic. Let’s connect!