When the average person consumes one and a half years of their life in the bathroom, why is its value so often ignored? You can’t deny that the bathroom can make or break a house. A house which is well renovated can be let down by a bathroom. It can completely spoil all the work that you have put into the other areas of the home, making the whole house feel less valuable. Don’t overdo a budget or space when money is short, less is ever better than more.

Both emotionally and in terms of money to build, bathrooms are investment areas. If you design it well, a bathroom will be a central spot in a home and will definitely create an excited response in a buyer. This is particularly the case among bathrooms that have a portion of daily luxury. In my view, an attractively designed bathroom will influence a buyer who imagines his or herself reclining there. On the other hand, common and dirty bathrooms would be a major turn-off to buyers.

What are the most important elements to consider?
➢ Imagine a mood so the space has heart
➢ Set a sensible budget
➢ Leave time to design
➢ Plan ahead
➢ Use skilled contractors
➢ Trade for construction

Follow your feelings you want to promote from your bathroom. The best way to show a mood is visually, so think how to bring the experience into your home. Today’s developments are forming areas of water therapy where we can provide the pace of our daily living, and rest at the end of it in friendly silence.

As mentioned earlier, a good bathroom design will dramatically enhance the value of your home. Taking time to renovate such a room will enable you the highest return on investment; most if not all of the money will come back and at least you’ll end up with a room that’s far more engaging, practical, and healthful. This is a fact, spending on any other room in your house will hardly see a return on investment and assist you to gain more out of your home, in contrast to the bathroom. So next time you’re renovating your home, take the time to select the bathroom projects that are right for you. Do your research online to get inspiration. Ask an expert to help you with creative design. And, if you think your bathroom isn’t important, try not using it!


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