If you’re having difficulty selling your home, staging can make a huge difference. “Staging a home” is the rule of strategically designing furnishings and decor to make a house look its best during the selling process. This may include a refresh of your own belongings, or renting furnishings and decor temporarily.

1. You must know why you’re staging

Staging is worth the time and effort when selling your home. It can also raise the sale price. Staged homes sell faster, 39% of sellers agents reported that staging a home considerably reduces days on the market, according to an NAR survey.

2. Dispose of clutter

Removing clutter and cleaning the house is the most basic task. Remove knickknacks and private items from all surfaces. With all the disorder gone, do a deep scrubbing, especially make your kitchen and bathroom sparkle. Open up the whole house by opening the windows. If you have pets, make sure you wash everything your they touch.

3. Try a shining and bright look

Lighting is a crucial part of staging a home because most buyers like to see bright rooms. So stretch your blinds back before a showing. Make sure your light fixtures look charming. Furthermore, for your artificial lighting, design an attractive ambiance with lamps and wall sconces.

4. Stage certain rooms first

Staging an entire home is great, but to save money, focus on certain rooms. The NAR survey says 55% of the agents stated that the living room is most critical to stage, then the master bedroom, followed by the kitchen. Your least priority should be given to any extra bedrooms.

5. Remove or rent furniture

When you remove half of your furniture, your house will look bigger and better-looking to most buyers with less furniture in it.

6. Reorder furniture

After your furniture has been reduced, change positions of couches, chairs, and tables aside from your walls. This is a called FLOATING the furniture and it shapes a cozy, intimate space, ideal for chatting with friends and family.

7. Don’t forget about exterior

If you ignore the exterior of your home, you likely won’t pull as many potential buyers to the interior. Do the following:
➢ Wash walkways
➢ Clean windows
➢ Any house number or nameplate should be easy to read
➢ Trim greenery
➢ Plant flowers
➢ Place a welcome mat and potted flowers

8. Few extras

Now that the house is perfect, add any finishing touches. People enjoy seeing fresh flowers, fresh fruit, and folded towels in the bathroom


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