As a form of investment, buying a rental property is usually recognized to be a very decent option, and with its regular rental income, the attraction of owning rental property may have you contemplating becoming a landowner. Remember, picking the precise property, managing it, and dealing with residents all takes work. Investing in a rental property is not as easy as investing in stocks.

So if you’re a novice rental property investor, you most likely have a lot of questions about the best way to get into the game and lessen your risk.

1. Do Your Homework

First, you need to form a plan for what you want to do and how you plan on doing it. Get answers to some questions like:

  • Are you in search of Single or Multi-family property?
  • What type of area are you looking?
  • Your price range?
  • Who will manage it?

These are the questions you should answer. Once you identify the area and type of property you are looking for, you can start to get connected with the numbers.

2. Carefully Choose the Right Type of Financing

There are two reasons that someone would buy a rental property:

  • Long term appreciation
  • Positive monthly cash flow

Both of these start with what sort of financing you use. By understanding your financing options, you’ll be completely equipped ahead of time when the right property comes along. Before you get any further, talk to your lender or mortgage broker to find out all of your financing options and the expected monthly return.

When buying a rental property, have the following expenses in mind:

  • Mortgage
  • Taxes
  • Maintenance
  • Utility bills
  • HOA
  • Insurance
3. Use A Real Estate Agent

Find a Real Estate Agent with these qualities:

  • Steely determination
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Tech savvy
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-motivated

Using a good real estate agent will help you get the best deal.

4. When Your Offer is Accepted

When the seller accepts your offer, you may be required to act promptly. Here, you should have already decided who would control the rental property. Hire a property manager if you don’t have time for it. It is also very critical that you take your time to find the best potential renters, because decent renters are the backbone of any rental property.


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