The kitchen is the passionate area if you want to stimulate with a model in your home, and there is no wonder that the kitchen space is one of the most significant to potential homebuyers. With a controlled budget, why not enjoy these bonuses and attract the buyers.

Here are my tips on presentation of your kitchen to sell. You will be well on your way to decorating your kitchen to look the best it can. Customers will mark!


1. Clean the kitchen an unusual way

Cleanness is important, so to have a sparkling clean kitchen do the following things:

➢ Scrub everything including any doors and windows
➢ Wipe the drawers for crumbs and debris
➢ Make your oven and stove shine
➢ Wipe your cabinets from oil and dirt
➢ In case of steel appliance, polish them
➢ Cut some lemons and run it on trash area for freshness
➢ Clean out refrigerator
➢ Grout the tile counters on walls and floor

Hint: Spray baking soda over grout, fill a shower bottle with white vinegar and spray vinegar over grout. Wash with a brush and wipe it up. You’ll be amazed at how fully it cleans.

2. Clear and adjust your cabinets

Take a deep look into your cupboards or cabinets; you must feel these are chock full of stuff, and the buyer can feel bad about it.

➢ Pack up useless items
➢ Organize the food storage area
➢ Turn some shelves like a grocery store to keep it organized
➢ There may be some expired pantry items, toss them out
➢ Corral the bags like rice, beans, spice mixes, etc.
➢ Make containers and baskets aligned and clean

3. Declutter, clean out, simplify

Now again, take a deep look into your kitchen and make time for additional decluttering. Clean out and simplify the stuff available there. Decluttering is seemingly one of the difficult aspects of staging for sellers. It’s hard to put away all the “stuff” that you need on a daily basis.

➢ If you have silk plants living above your cabinets, it’s time to get rid of them
➢ Make the space around the stove more open
➢ Pack up your countertop devices to clear the space
➢ Use one, instead of many (pick which you use most); I like the coffee maker on my counter

4. Decorate items that create feelings in a kitchen

If you will leave the counters entirely empty, it will be boring, so it’s time to add some vitality and glamor with the items you would typically find in a kitchen.

➢ Ornamental canisters
➢ Herbs
➢ Bowl of fruit
➢ Pretty cookbooks
➢ New tea towels

5. Update the entire look

Those are comparatively cheap fixes that will make a maximum appeal and make the kitchen feel fresh and new:

➢ A new coat of paint
➢ Replace old light fixtures
➢ Change faucets
➢ Replace cabinet hardware

Follow these tips and you’ll be entirely on your way to placing that sold sign out front.


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