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Considering Downsizing? Why Buying Can Be More Beneficial than Renting

In today’s housing market, many people are comparing the benefits of owning a home and renting. Depending on an individual’s situation both can have their pros and cons. The biggest deciding factor, more often than not, is: which will save more money?

Is The Housing Market Going To Crash In 2020 Or Will It Continue To Rise?

It’s one of the most common questions being asked. Will there be a housing market crash in 2020 or will it continue to rise? There have been certain indications, such as, changes to the federal interest rate or trade disputes that would lead to a slowing economy.

What You Need to Know About the Luxury Real Estate Market

There were predictions to see a significant downturn in the demand for high-end real estate in 2019. World trade activity, geopolitics, and the anticipation of price being affected by inventory may have caused

3 Ways the last Jobs Report Will Affect California Real Estate in 2020

According to the UCLA Anderson Forecast, California’s economy will continue to grow in the coming years – but the pace will slow alongside a sluggish economy on the national level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the California unemployment rate is at 4.3%...

California sees Market Stability with Older Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers in California are getting older, and it’s been good for housing market stability. According to Zillow, 33 percent of first-time buyers in California are over 40, and 16 percent are over 50. Nationally, the average age of the first-time buyer is just 34 years old. Is this significant?

Purchasing a Home in the Right Place

Whether you want to buy a home as an investment, a lifestyle upgrade, or both, one of the most significant decisions you will make is where you want to live. Your home’s location will help define not only the future value of your purchase but also your perspectives in life.