Economic News

3 Ways the last Jobs Report Will Affect California Real Estate in 2020

According to the UCLA Anderson Forecast, California’s economy will continue to grow in the coming years – but the pace will slow alongside a sluggish economy on the national level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the California unemployment rate is at 4.3%...

We need condos! Californians are Begging for Multi-unit Housing

The nation’s housing shortage is particularly tight on multi-unit, affordable housing. With recent wage growth and economic upturns, a huge new group of Millennial-aged buyers are ready to buy houses. But where will they live?

How’s the market? Highlights in this March 2019 Real Estate and Mortgage Flash Report

It’s officially spring time and forecasts for the housing market are looking bright. Experts are saying California real estate may outpace the nation. Zillow predicted we could see a 7.3% increase in home values in 2019. How would that growth impact your...

Trade war with China Impacts California Real Estate

In 2018 the U.S. Administration instituted tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. While new single-family homes do not use much of these materials in their construction, condominiums and apartment buildings rely on them. This cost is expected to be passed on to the renters and homebuyers. California, in particular, can expect to see the impact of these tariffs in rising home prices.

Four Government Programs giving Money to Home Owners & Buyers

After the holidays, a lot of people feel financially strapped and start thinking about how to save money. Great news! If you need help paying bills or taking care of your family, the government has some programs that could help.