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The Ultimate Guide to Down Payments

The Ultimate Guide to Down Payments: The “down-payment” is a share of the entire sale value of the home, which you present to the home seller. The rest of the amount to the seller arrives from your mortgage. Down payments are meant as percentages.

Ready to Buy A Home? Consider These 5 Things First

No doubt, buying a home is expected to be the biggest purchase of your life. From the outside, the home-buying method is a minefield of red tape, legal ties, and a cataract of money leaving your pocket. It can all be an unusual scarce. All the same, a home purchase is a major part of the American Dream.

First Time Home Seller Tips

When you are going to sell your home for the first time, the stress can be very similar to buying a first home. But, by following an approved manner for selling a home, and trusting in the specialists, the entire process can be much more pleasant.

Peak season is here! April 2019 Real Estate and Mortgage Flash Report

If you’re in the market, don’t be surprised if things get busier. Peak season is right around the corner. Spring is in full swing and there is a definite uptick in real estate activity, especially among motivated sellers and seeking buyers.

Mortgage Trends and Predictions for 2020

Like any industry, there are trends in the popularities of different home loans. With mortgage rates expected to slowly rise throughout the remainder of the year